BEIRUT ART FAIR, Beirut, Libannon

September 19th to 22nd of 2013
10 x 10 x 10 m

  From September 19th to 22nd it takes place the fourth edition of Beirut Art Fair, a forty galeries from fifteen countries event, mainly coming from the Asian South East and the Middle East.
Among the galeries we find Penique's work which is visible from any point of the fairgrounds, acting as a meeting place from the artists and gallery owners.
The inflatable, with 10 metres tall and saturated pink lighting, is contained by framework ropes that cross each other at different heights creating all kind of tensions. The irregular pattern of straight lines contrasts against the organic shapes of the caged inflatable looking spread. The multiple volumes define the piece as a sculpture work, visible from inside and outside.



Beirut, Libanon
September 17th to 24th of 2013
28 x 15 x 3,40 m

At the same time of the Beirut Art Fair, between September 17th and 24th of 2013, it takes place the Beirut Art Week in the city center. During this week the artworks overrun the streets. One of the 25 artworks that makes the tour of the Beirut Art Week, is Penique's installation. The crowded bar-restaurant Momo at the Souks is intervened by a white inflatable that transforms the space keeping its own regular use.



I worked on this illustration for Women and Horses collection by Anaid Kupuri Shoes.
"Existen mujeres de raza, que dejan huella. Mujeres que pisan fuerte. Espíritus libres. Indomables. Como caballos salvajes. Mujeres que entran en una habitación y acaparan las miradas. Desatan el susurro, pero ellas permanecen inalterables, ajenas a la expectación que despiertan. Aunque siempre conscientes de su elegancia y de su magnetismo."

Work in progress    
Ballpoint pen on paper    

The final artwork     



Panenka 22 - September 2013 : David Beckham

"Quiero que Brooklyn, mi hijo, sea cristianizado, pero no sé todavía en qué religión."
"I definitely want Brooklyn to be christened, but I don't know into what religion yet."